20 Worst Movie Cliches of All-Time

20. The 'ghost in the machine' plot device (e.g. Um..."Ghost in the Machine", "Ghost Machine" etc.)

19. The 'Oh, it's just my surprise party!' scene and other false scares. A surprise party is a great way to give someone a heart attack, by the way.

18. The son living in his father's shadow, choosing to rebel (e.g. "Tron: Legacy")

17. The "She's All That" cliché (Oh, now that she's taken those ugly glasses off...)

16. Gaggle of supportive 'You go, girl!' best friends who clearly don't have an individual brain (e.g. “The Story of Us”, “It’s Complicated”)

15. The conspiracy theory that always ends up involving a psychologically damaged soldier (e.g. “Mind Field”, “Conspiracy Theory”, “State of Play”)

14. No one ever uses a mouse in movies when using a computer. WTF? Do movie computers all run on MS-DOS?

13. Movie computer desktops never look like real ones, chat/login screens especially.

12. Nobody ever turns a light on when they enter a room in a horror film. Ever. Try it sometime and see how well you navigate around a darkened room.

11. The Token Talkative Black Guy (replaces the Token Jive-Talking Black Guy)

10. Action movies where everyone shoots two guns, one in each hand. Are they lousy shots or something? Why else would you need to use two guns? Thanks for that, John Woo, you arsehole.

9. The crazy/drunk person who tells crazy stories that no one believes, but they turn out to be true. Yawn, been there, done that.

8. Characters who tell crazy-sounding but true stories are never believed by those closest to them until it's too late. Crazy story or not, why would that person make up such a story, especially if they have no history of mental illness? And with such imagination and detail, usually I might add.

7. The elderly prisoner who freaks out when his privileges are removed (e.g. “Escape From Alcatraz”, “The Shawshank Redemption”)

6. Kill the token black person first in a horror film. Yes, this still happens. The otherwise crap “Somebody Help Me” bucked the trend by having all the white characters die first.

5. The angry police chief threatening to remove the hero’s badge. Is there any cop movie that doesn’t feature this?

4. The Evil Corporation. Why never the kind, benevolent corporation that gives millions to charity?

3. The dead meat 'ethnic stereotype' cop partner (e.g. Any "Dirty Harry" film)

2. Long-haired J-horror ghosts. Stop it. Just stop it.

1. Mirror Cabinet 'Boo!' scare (e.g. the remake of "Prom Night" had at least five in under 90 minutes!). Imagine an entire horror film where the menace actually is the mirror cabinet. I’d be suicidal before the opening credits end.


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