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Review: An Affair to Remember

Prominent celebrity playboy Cary Grant and singer Deborah Kerr meet on a luxury liner and despite both being in relationships with other people back home, they find themselves hopelessly drawn to one another. As the ship is about to dock, they make a promise to one another that if after 6 months they still can’t get over one another, they will reunite at the top of the Empire State Building. One of them shows up, but although dearly wanting to, circumstance prevents the other from meeting the deadline, leaving the other heartbroken. Will our protagonists ever reunite? Cathleen Nesbitt plays Grant’s elderly grandmother, who takes a liking to Kerr when the duo make a stop to see her in French, mid-voyage. Richard Denning plays Kerr’s Bill Pullman…er…tedious spouse.   The inspiration for the finale to “Sleepless in Seattle” , this 1957 romance from writer/director Leo McCarey ( “Duck Soup” , “The Awful Truth” , “Going My Way” ) is founded on a story that frankly isn’t very roman

Review: Flowers in the Attic (2014)

When the husband of Corinne Foxworth-Dollanganger (Heather Graham) suddenly dies in a car accident, leaving her to look after four kids (Teen siblings Kiernan Shipka and Mason Dye, plus two young twins), she feels she has no alternative except to plead with her estranged parents. However, to do this the kids must stay solely locked in the bedroom or up in the attic of her wealthy parents’ estate, whilst Corinne attempts to get into the good graces of her elderly father, who is unaware of the kids’ existence. Strict, domineering grandmother (Ellen Burstyn) knows very well of their existence, and for some reason seems repulsed by them and overly concerned with their closeness. Just what have these kids walked into, and why is their mother OK with them being confined to the attic and harshly mistreated by their grandmother? And why are Shipka and Dye getting funny feelings for each other in their pants all of a sudden? Eeewww.   I hear this 2014 TV movie from director Deborah Ch

Review: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan

Lord Jack Clayton (Paul Geoffrey) and his pregnant wife find themselves shipwrecked somewhere along the African coast. After the baby is born, Clayton and his wife are set upon and killed by apes. The apes find the baby and remarkably raise it as one of their own. Decades later, now a young man (played by Christophe Lambert) comes across a Belgian explorer (Sir Ian Holm), who is injured. The young man nurses the explorer back to health, and in turn the explorer teaches him basic English. The explorer eventually deduces that this man is in fact John Clayton, the heir to the 6 th Earl of Greystoke (Sir Ralph Richardson, in his final film role), and vows to take him back to Edwardian Scotland to take his rightful place at the family estate. It is here that John (or Tarzan if you prefer, though the characters never utter the name) meets and falls for Jane Porter (Andie MacDowell, by way of Glenn Close), a ward of the Earl’s. But he also becomes restless, caught unhappily between two w