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Review: Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey

Set in 14th century, in a small Cumbrian mining village ravaged by the Black Death (i.e. the plague). Hamish McFarlane plays a young boy who claims to have had a vision that told him that the plague will pass over the village if they all make a pilgrimage to a mysterious land, carrying a cross to put atop a church. This involves digging a huge tunnel through the centre of the Earth...which leads them to present day New Zealand! Needless to say, the Christian villagers are bewildered, frightened, and obviously fish out of water. In a cast mixing Aussies and Kiwis, Bruce Lyons, Chris Haywood, Paul Livingston (better known as oddball Aussie comedy character Flacco), and Marshall Napier are amongst the villagers. Jay Laga’aia turns up as a modern day Kiwi welder.

Everyone’s been through it at some point in their life, and you never, ever forget it. Being dragged to the cinema by someone (usually a date or your parents) to see a film you have absolutely no interest in, but they’re really e…

Top 200 Films of All-Time

Top 200 Films of All-Time
***** 2016 Update: In addition to adding "Heat" (1995) to the list and bumping "Stranger Than Fiction" (2006) to just outside the Top 200, I've also recently re-evaluated the "Star Wars" prequels, and as such, two have moved out of the Top 200, and "The Phantom Menace" has taken a significant drop. "The Diary of Anne Frank" moves out of the 200 to be replaced with "The Elephant Man" *****

***** November 2017 Update: I've re-evaluated Kathryn Bigelow's "Near Dark" (1987) and have been so impressed as to not only significantly change my rating of it, but move it into the Top 200, taking #161 from "It's a Wonderful Life", which narrowly moves out of the list all together, along with "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" which has been replaced at #158 by "The Hitcher" (1986). *****

200. The Crow (1994) 199. Frankenstein (1931)