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Review: The Survivor

A 747 nearly causes a massive disaster when it crashes to ground, with heroic pilot Robert Powell managing to save countless lives on the ground, even though the resulting explosion leaves no chance of survivors on board the plane. Except Powell himself, though he has lost all memory of the disaster. Powell’s friend Peter Sumner and several other men lead an investigation into the disaster, taking apart the black box flight recorder, whilst poor Powell is plagued by guilt and many questions due to his lost memory. Why was he spared when countless others perished? What caused the incident in the first place? Is Powell an unbreakable Superhero in search of a Supervillain? And what did he have for breakfast that morning? OK, so those last two questions aren’t really relevant here, sorry. Jenny Agutter turns up as an eye-witness who also happens to be a psychic medium, who tries to help Powell get some answers. Joseph Cotten turns up now and then as a priest. Despite being direct

Review: The Descendants

Set in Hawaii, George Clooney plays a lawyer with a lot on his plate right now. His wife is comatosed after a boating accident. He’s at her bedside constantly, despite not really being there for her leading up to the accident. He’s also not the world’s most attentive father to kids Amara Miller and rebellious 17 year-old Shailene Woodley. Meanwhile, he’s supposed to be overseeing the sale of 25,000 acres of land, long-held in his family, and of which he is the sole trustee. With the outlook for his wife looking grim, Clooney tries to rally his family together to spend their last moments with her before turning off her life support, as was her wish. In the process of this, however, he uncovers the fact that she had been cheating on him! Nick Krause plays Woodley’s sorta boyfriend who due to Woodley’s insistence, accompanies them to a visit to see Grandpa (Robert Forster), a tough bastard who resents the presence of Krause even more than Clooney. Matthew Lillard and Judy Greer play a

Review: The Vineyard

James Hong stars as Dr. Elsen Po, a famed winemaker who apparently dabbles in film producing. He invites a bunch of young actors (including Playboy Playmate Karen Witter...who remains clothed) to his secluded island mansion to supposedly audition for a film project. But Dr. Po isn’t all that he appears. He’s a devious and kinky nutjob who is actually hundreds of years old and keeps women chained up in his basement because he needs their blood to retain his youthful appearance (He doesn’t care if they have green eyes or not, however). That’s why his wine is so popular, ‘coz this ‘ol drop of red is really blood. Unsurprisingly, the dopey young actors are all dispatched one by one. Michael Wong plays a nosey journalist who manages to find his way to Po’s poon-tang palatial estate and starts snooping around. Oh, and don’t ask me about the half-buried zombies the film cuts to from time to time without ever fully integrating them into the film. Karl-Heinz Teuber plays an agent associate of