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Review: The Family

The Family of the title are a mob family, who are currently in the witness protection program because dad (Robert De Niro) has helped the FBI nab some of his former associates. They have been relocated to a small village somewhere in France, and are told by FBI handler Tommy Lee Jones to keep a low-profile. Easier said than done when De Niro can’t keep a cover story straight, and each of the family members have trouble curbing the violence they turn to for problem solving. Thus, it isn’t long before a powerful mobster De Niro ratted on finds out where he is, and sends some goons for a little bloody revenge. Meanwhile, wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) doesn’t handle things well when the local supermarket doesn’t stock peanut butter, daughter Dianna Agron falls for an older man (her maths tutor, no less), and son John D’Leo is a real chip off the old block himself.   Although it ultimately lacks a certain something, this 2013 film from director Luc Besson ( “The Professional” ,