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Review: Mum and Dad

A bizarre epidemic has parents across America suddenly and violently attacking their children. Nic Cage and Selma Blair play a pair of somewhat stressed out parents who suddenly have an urge to stalk and kill their kids, with Lance Henriksen appearing late as the grandfather.

Based on the cast and trailer for this 2018 piece of schlock, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good film. In fact, it looked like a deliberate attempt at making a bad film like “Plan 9 From Outer Space” or “The Room” (Which never works on purpose, so stop trying!). Having watched the film…yeah, it’s somehow even worse than I expected. If you’ve ever seen the Randy Quaid cannibal nuclear family movie “Parents” (it’s actually not bad), you might be ahead of the game with this wannabe cult flick’s plot. It’s basically “Parents” crossed with “The Crazies” or something. Writer-director Brian Taylor of Neveldine/Taylor infamy (“Crank”, “Crank: High Voltage”) ought to stick to making hyper-action movies with his buddy, be…