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Review: Mandy

(I think) The film concerns Nic Cage going on a vengeance spree after he and wife Andrea Riseborough are kidnapped by a crazy cult (with Linus Roache among its members), and he’s forced to watch Riseborough go through an awful ordeal.

Beware a cult film that gets embraced by critics and film festival-types on release. This 2018 ungodly arty-farty mess from director Panos Cosmatos (son of “Tombstone” and “The Cassandra Crossing” director George Pan Cosmatos) and co-writer Aaron Stewart-Ahn is for me the worst film of the year in a year that already featured another dreadful Nic Cage wannabe cult favourite, “Mom and Dad” (Not to mention “Face/Off” co-star John Travolta’s pathetic “Speed Kills”). Seemingly deliberately aiming for cult status – which never works – the film is as if Cosmatos tripped on acid whilst watching the dreadful remake of “The Vanishing”, filtered it through “The Evil Dead”, but taking in nothing of what made the latter fun. You may also be reminded of “The Man Who …

Review: Escape Room

A group of people of wildly diverse backgrounds and temperaments are invited by a mysterious person to potentially win $10,000 by finding their way out of an escape room. Well, actually it’s a series of rooms with a series of clues. People yell, people die, and the mysterious host has a reason why he/she has invited these specific people to engage in this task. The people? Taylor Russell is a shy student, Nik Dodani is a geeky escape room enthusiast, Deborah Ann Woll is a former soldier, Tyler Labine is a trucker, Logan Miller is a convenience store employee, and Jay Ellis plays a slick stockbroker.

Although not an inherently bad concept to centre a film around, this 2019 film from director Adam Robitel (who did one of the “Insidious” sequels) takes that inherently not bad idea and gives us an M-rated (or PG-13 for you Yanks) version of “Saw”. Or more specifically “Jigsaw”, actually. Don’t get me wrong, there’s potential to get something worthwhile out this idea. However, what we get …