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Review: Hanna

Raised to hunt, kill, and survive by her father (Eric Bana), young Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) is set to leave the remote Finnish wilderness and enter the ‘real’ world for the first time. Hanna now has to make it on her own in a world she has predominantly only read about (from seemingly just one book, I might add. Although the rather off-kilter Hanna seems to be enjoying experiencing life as a young woman and meeting new people like teenager Jessica Barden and her hippie-ish parents (Olivia Williams and Jason Flemyng), Hanna is pursued by a cold, intimidating spook named Marissa (Cate Blanchett). Marissa has a gradually revealed history with Hanna’s dad (a former operative himself), and motives in wanting to capture Hanna and her dad that are also eventually uncovered. Tom Hollander is the uber-weird, creepy nightclub owner turned assassin hired to deal with Hanna. Has Hanna’s father home-schooled her into becoming a terrorist? Or is something else afoot here? You’ll have to watch to find