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Review: Destroyer

Nicole Kidman stars as an LAPD detective and former undercover operative who is a shell of the woman and cop she used to be. She’s also struggling to stay in the life of her rebellious daughter. She clearly hasn’t recovered from an undercover operation her and her partner (Sebastian Stan) were involved in, infiltrating a gang of hell-raising robbers led by the wild-haired Toby Kebbell. The job went horribly, horribly wrong and Kidman seems to want to spend the rest of her life torturing herself for it. Now, 17 years later a new homicide case seems to be heightening Kidman’s ‘issues’ as it appears the elusive Kebbell has resurfaced and is sending Kidman a message. Tatiana Maslany plays a hellcat member of the gang, Scoot McNairy is Kidman’s frustrated ex who barely even tolerates her, Toby Huss is her well-meaning boss, and Bradley Whitford plays an uber-sleazebag lawyer connected to the gang.

Potentially interesting material is given overblown and off-putting treatment in this 2019 bu…