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Review: Tag

A group of middle-aged guys have been playing the same game of ‘Tag’ one month a year for 28 years. Although they live in different cities, four of the guys (Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, resident stoner Jake Johnson, and Hannibal Buress) still keep in touch. The loner of the group also happens to be the one guy who has never – ever – been tagged, Jeremy Renner. Helms feels this is the year to change that, however. Apparently Renner is getting married to (typical Bridezilla) Leslie Bibb, and although none of the gang have conveniently been invited, he suggests they show up anyway…and tag him. Also helping out is Helms’ uber-enthusiastic wife Isla Fisher, seemingly a long-time acquaintance of the gang although she’s not an official participant in the game (No girls allowed. This game started when they were kids and who cared about sexism when they were a kid?). However, Renner has anticipated their arrival and will not make it easy for them. Rashida Jones turns up as an old acquaintance whom b