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Review: The Enemy Within

Forest Whitaker plays a long-serving Army Colonel working under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and especially the hawkish General Lloyd (Jason Robards). When Whitaker’s by-the-book Col. Casey catches wind of a conspiracy by Gen. Lloyd and snaky Defence Secretary Potter (Josef Sommer) to secretly mobilise troops for a coup, right under the nose of liberal U.S. President Foster (Sam Waterston), whose approval numbers are on the wane. He’s too soft on military/defence matters, they reason, and refuses to sign off on a bill to increase military spending. Now it’s up to Col. Casey and his old friend White House Chief of Staff Betsy Corcoran (Dana Delany) to get to the President and put a stop to the treacherous, treasonous plans. Dakin Mathews is the duplicitous VP, George Dzundza plays a Russian, Lawrence Pressman scores briefly as the Attorney-General.

Don’t let the impressive line-up of names and faces fool you, this 1994 TV movie from director Jonathan Darby (whose one and only theatrical …