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Review: The Favourite

Purportedly the story of 1700s British royal lust, jealousy, ambition, and betrayal under the reign of Queen Anne (Olivia Colman), a rather pathetically petulant, often depressed, and frequently ailing monarch. Rachel Weisz is the stern Lady Sarah, the pants-wearing lady-in-waiting and lover of the Queen. The harsh, bitchy Lady Sarah is about to meet her match in her own lowly cousin Abigail (Emma Stone), who quickly becomes the Queen’s new confidante, and even bed companion. This one’s a quick study, it seems. Nicholas Hoult plays one of the resident wig-wearing fops, who has a rather bitchy repartee with Abigail, who he wants to use as his spy (Kids today would likely call them ‘frenemies’).

You’re probably not going to like me today.

I’m not a fan of corset and frilly dress movies, but period movies about royalty are usually a little closer to the mark for me. There’s several good movies about Elizabeth I, for instance, and I did enjoy “Her Majesty Mrs. Brown” and “The Queen” among…

Review: Final Score

Soccer-hating American Dave Bautista comes to the UK to visit his late brother’s family and take his niece to a football game. Said football game gets interrupted by Eastern European terrorists headed by Ray Stevenson. Stevenson is looking for his long-lost brother, who is in attendance but has begun a new life and has had his appearance altered by plastic surgery. If Stevenson doesn’t get what he wants, he will blow the stadium up. Standing in his way is Bautista, your standard Hollywood action movie military veteran bad arse who takes out Stevenson’s henchmen one by one, trying to save the day and his niece. Amit Shah plays a nervous stadium security guard who ends up aiding Bautista, whilst Ralph Brown is the copper, and Martyn Ford plays one of the more formidable henchmen Bautista gets to tangle with.

If you enjoyed the Van Damme “Die Hard” at an ice-hockey arena movie “Sudden Death”, here’s the Dave ‘Batista’ Bautista soccer stadium version (I won’t dare compare it to the 1977 J…