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Review: I’m So Excited!

A flight from Madrid to Mexico is fraught with technical problems with the plane’s landing gear that force it to keep circling the air until a landing strip can be found. Inside the plane, the flight attendants have doped the economy class passengers for some reason, whilst we come to know the crew and the first class passengers. The three gay flight attendants (Javier Camara among them) attempt to provide camp cabaret entertainment for the first class passengers, whilst we also learn about the sexual orientation and affairs of the bisexual but married pilot (Antonio de la Torre) and his supposedly straight co-pilot (Hugo Silva). The former, by the way, is having an affair with Camara. Amongst the passengers we have Cecilia Roth as an infamous high-price hooker, José Luis Torrijo as a shonky banker probably about to get nabbed by the authorities, and Lola Dueñas as a dopey, virginal psychic.   On the ground Paz Vega and Blanca Suárez play the two women in the life of womanisi

Review: Little City

Set in San Francisco, where it’s meant to be like a small-town thing where everybody has dated everybody, and you can’t escape them. It centres around several characters who go in and out of various romantic couplings as they journey towards finding whatever and whoever it is they want in life. Womanising bartender Jon Bon Jovi and painter/cabbie (!) Josh Charles are best buds, but the former’s affair with the latter’s girlfriend (Annabella Sciorra) blows that out of the water. Charles, meanwhile, still hasn’t gotten over his ex, Joanna Going. Going decided that she preferred the company of women, and has become involved with her older art teacher (JoBeth Williams). Williams, a bit of a temptress, has a wandering eye and moves in on insecure Penelope Ann Miller (who was just hired as a bartender alongside Mr. Jovi. Or is it Mr. Bon Jovi?), giving the latter her first lesbian experience (Something Ms. Williams’ character has apparently done for plenty of other straight girls). Get r