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Review: Triple Threat

Mercenaries Tony Jaa and Tiger Chen are a part of a team headed by Michael Jai White and Michael Bisping charged with rescuing a third mercenary played by Scott Adkins, from a Thai jungle prison. However, the duo are betrayed and left for dead by the sociopathic White and thuggish Bisping who get out of Dodge and blow the jungle up with the freed Adkins joining them. Days later at a Thai kickboxing fight, Jaa and Chen are approached by Iko Uwais, whose sister was a casualty of the jungle explosion and blames the duo for her demise. Eventually though, they are able to show him that they are victims of the same enemies: Adkins, White, and Bisping. Meanwhile, said criminals are on their next job: Killing a pretty young philanthropist (Celina Jade) hell-bent on bringing down the illegal drug cartels, which none too pleases the bad guys’ employer. The assassination attempt doesn’t go to plan, with an extraneous member of the mercenary gang killed in the skirmish with Jade’s armed bodyguard…

Review: Backtrace

Matthew Modine ends up the only surviving part of a robbery, and therefore the only living person who knows where the loot has been stashed. The problem? It’s several years later and the man now has amnesia. Meek and mild-mannered, he doesn’t even remember a damn thing. Never fear, some bright sparks have decided to spring him from prison and have a ‘nurse’ (Meadow Williams) inject him with an experimental drug to restore his memories. A very, very experimental drug. It’s a bitch loaded with uber-irritating side effects. Meanwhile, the police (Sylvester Stallone) and the FBI (Christopher McDonald) are on the hunt, having tried to job Modine’s memory themselves for several years now.

Although scientifically bullshit, the inclusion of an amnesia drug with a lot of wonky side effects is the one wrinkle to an otherwise tired, cliched affair from 2018. Beware a Sly Stallone film that goes direct-to-DVD that you’ve never heard of. Credit where it’s due, the pair of ‘twists’ in the back end …