Review: Redirected

Idiot wimp Scot Williams wants to propose to his girlfriend but gets whisked away by his even bigger idiot mates (Gil Darnell, Oliver Jackson, and Anthony Strachan) to go and do a spot of armed robbery against gangster Vinnie Jones. After a scuffle with his accomplices at the airport, Williams wakes up somehow in Lithuania. He tries to locate the other idiots, but being the idiots that they are, they’ve got their own problems in the horribly depicted seedy, supposedly backwoods country. Meanwhile, an enraged Jones learns of their whereabouts and ventures to Lithuania himself to get back what is his.

If the idea of a Lithuanian-funded blend of Guy Ritchie and “The Hangover” sounds like your idea of fun, you might get something out of this 2015 Emilis Velyvis alleged comedy. I think it’s everything I don’t want in a film, pitiful, useless anti-entertainment that did absolutely nothing for me for far too long.

The characters are completely irredeemably awful and needed a serious expansion of their vocabulary. The performances are amateurish as well, especially lead Scot Williams. Vinnie Jones angrily spitting out profane dialogue is good fun for a moment or two, but there’s not nearly enough of him in the film and the rest of the film is already full of people yelling profanities anyway. Scripted by the director and Jonas Banys, the film is 90 odd minutes of one-note profane screaming, and very, very little else. Meanwhile, for a film with Lithuanian backing, it manages to portray the country in the most backwoods and sleazy light possible, with Brits not coming off all peachy either. Even a local preacher is seen as depraved. And if you don’t think the film is aping “The Hangover”, look at the scene where characters awaken from a drunken night to look at pictures from the night before to see what they got up to.

Some people will like this film. There’s a market for it. I’m not in the market and loathed every excruciating second of it. One of its year’s worst films, I got absolutely nothing out of this except that the director was apparently happy to sell his own country down the river in order to attempt an international career.

Rating: D-


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